Svet jezikov,
Maryna Krajnc, s.p.

Gregorčičeva 26
2000 Maribor

+386 51 296 683



We offer simultaneous translation for your business conferences, seminars, or meetings. If you would like to present your products to foreign partners or potential customers, who do not understand your language, please contact us.

At your event our native speakers will immediately establish contact between multilingual audience with the help of their language fluency, respecting business ethics.

We interpret simultaneously and consecutively in the following language combinations:

  • Slovene - Russian
  • Slovene - English
  • Slovene - Ukrainian
  • Slovene - Polish
  • Slovene - French
  • Slovene - Chinese
  • Slovene - German
  • Chinese - Slovene
  • German - Slovene
  • English - Slovene
  • English - Russian
  • English - Ukrainian
  • English - Polish
  • Russian - English
  • Russian - Polish
  • Polish - Slovene
  • Polish - English
  • Polish - Russian
  • French - Slovene


The quality of interpretation does not depend solely on an interpreter, but also on a customer. To make it as good as it is only possible, please provide us with subject material for your event. Our interpreters will be well prepared for it.

Contact us and we will agree on the favorable price, which of course depends on the complexity of the subject.